Monday, October 19, 2009

submission tracking

How do you track or keep records of your submissions? In the past, I have just used a word doc to create a table and I kept track of publishers/manuscript/dates/replies. Tonight I did a search online for submission tracking. I found a neat site where you can keep track of your submissions. It creates graphics and organizes your submission information so you can see where you have been sending your manuscripts and where you may want to focus on sending some. I have only messed with it a little tonight. But from what I saw, it seems pretty cool and it is a free site (from what I saw). I registered and recorded my first submission. I am excited to play with it a little more. I guess I will have to send out more submissions so I can add more to it! Let me know if you are familiar with this site and your thoughts on it. Happy writing!
~B The Writers Database(click here)


  1. Personally I like using old fashioned recipe cards in a little box. I use red cards to indicate when I've been paid. I just find it easier than scrolling through a worksheet on the screen. Plus, I can feel my accomplishments on my finger tips.

  2. I've noted the link! This will be a wonderful tool once I begin the process.

    Thanks for the helpful tips.

    Happy writing!