Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello December!

It's so hard to believe that this is December 1! The Thanksgiving Holiday went really fast and now we are into the Christmas Season. I had a good time spending Thanksgiving time with my family. I finished up a freelance writing project for Carson Dellosa right before Thanksgiving. It was such a fun project but I was glad to have it finished before Thanksgiving. I some exciting news, I am going to be working with someone on a Potty-Training website for parents. I am working on an e-book that will be available on the site soon. I am very excited about this new opportunity and I can't wait to share more news with you all when it's time. Until then, wish me luck on this new opportunity and I will fill you in later.


  1. Bobbi, that's wonderful. Stay excited and ride the energy like a wave and surfboard headed to shore.

  2. Thanks John for the encouragement! I am excited! I love how you described it. Very cool!!

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