Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blogs. . . what are they good for?

Isn't it funny that only a few years ago we had never heard of a Blog, at least I know I hadn't. But now, there is a blog for everything. You can read environmental blogs, cooking blogs, lifestyle blogs, writing blogs, and you can even read your favorite musician's blog. In a way, it makes us feel like we know people that we in reality don't know at all.

Writers, musicians, and artists can use blogs to reach people and sell their books, music and art. What greater way to reach your fan base and to connect with them. Even some retail stores and corporates are blogging now.

I like blogs that share information with me. I subscribe to many blogs that share freelance writing opportunities and writing markets. I also subscribe to my favorite musician's blogs in hopes I am the lucky winner of some cool merchandise that they give away to their blog subscribers.

Some blogs teach us something. Either an actual process, or an personal emotional lesson. I receive a Bible scripture everyday from K-LOVE. It isn't actually a blog, but an email, but you get my point.

Some people make a living from blogging. With google ads, amazon ads, and with getting traffic to their blogs. One time I saw a huge blog community and couldn't figure out how so many people blogged and commented on this one site. Then I found out that many huge blog sites are that way because the bloggers are paid to blog. I think I read in the news that soon all blog sites that pay their authors to blog will have to post that they are a paid blogging site.

Some of my friends use a personal blog to stay in touch with friends and relatives. They post pictures, videos, and details of trips and events. This seems like a slower paced way of social networking to me in comparison to a facebook or myspace. I think it is a great alternative to those bigger social networking sites. This way, people come to your blog to read about you and aren't distracted by everyone's status or posts, as in facebook.

Some people believe in a cause and want to educate others on the cause. Blogs are a great tool for that as well. And they can be fun to create and update.

As a writer, artist, musician, I think I can speak for all in saying a blog is a way to get noticed and to hopefully land that huge opportunity someday! We can all dream, right? You never know who is reading your blog and what connections that person may have.

Have you updated your blog today? Why not do it now!



  1. I love blogging! The greatest tool I have right now for interacting with other writers, learning more about the writing life, and sharpening my skills.

    I hope my site reflects my passion for God, my writing, and this journey to publication.

  2. I like to blog to meet others and make friends. They don't have to be writers or music lovers or anything. I like friendly bloggers. I like this blog post. Bobbi, thanks for sharing and I hope you and yours have a Happy New Year