Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Published Credits

“Put Your Right Foot Forward and Learn Your Rights” Fandangle Online Magazine (December 2007) nonfiction on Bill of Rights.
“You Think A Zit Is Bad” Relate Magazine (spring 2008) nonfiction, true story on seatbelt safety.
“Luck of the Irish” Stories For Children Online Magazine (March 2008) nonfiction on St. Patrick’s Day.
“Time To Go Shopping” The Mailbox Magazine for Teachers (date not announced) teaching idea accepted for Early Childhood Education.
“Dads, Teach Your Kids (2 –6 yr olds) About Being Green” WonderDads Publishing (May 2008).
Freelance Writer Gale Publishing (May 2008)
“Bug House” how-to craft activity Pack-O-Fun Magazine (June/July 2008)
“Growing a Spare” Stories For Children Online Magazine (June 2008) nonfiction article on animals that regenerate body parts.
“Math Puzzle” Stories For Children (Aug. 2008)
“Dads, Teach Your Kids (7 – 10 yr olds) About Being Green” Wonderdads Publishing (Sept. 2008)
Created a field-tested lesson plan for the Library of Congress that utilizes Primary Sources, for their website. (Dec. 2008)
Freelance Content Reviewer Carson Dellosa Publishing (Dec. 2008)
Freelance writer/developer for Early Childhood project Good Neighbor Press Early Childhood learning materials for ChildCraft. (April 2009)
“Luck of the Irish” chosen for Stories For Children’s Anthology Volume 2 (June 2009)
“Growing a Spare” special state assessment test publishing credit Pearson Education (June 2009)
“You Want Veggies? Grow Some Bean Sprouts” Stories For Children (June 2009)
“Teaching with Primary Sources and the American Memory Project: Abraham Lincoln Era” Teacher Ideas Press (December 2009 release)
"Breck and the Dust Bunnies" A retelling of the Irish Folk Tale Paddy Corcoran's wife by William Carleton 1888 was a featured story that was read aloud at the 2009 Kids Euro Festival in Washington, D.C.

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